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Always on the move
Oog voor kwaliteit loopt al sinds jaar en dag als een rode draad door de ATTACA-organisatie. Dit resulteert in de productie van mobiele wanden die 100% voldoen aan de wensen van onze opdrachtgevers. Op het gebied van het flexibel verdelen van ruimtes, maar ook betreft de esthetiek, het gemak en de geluidsdichtheid.

Onze opdrachtgevers kunnen rekenen op een mobiel wandsyteem van oerdegelijke kwaliteit.

Demonstrable quality through ISO and FSC® recognition
We have never been shy about broadcasting ATTACA's dedication to quality, and it's even better when other organisations recognise our achievements in this field. So we are proud of the recognition we have received in the form of ISO 9001 and the internationally respected FSC certification. The ISO 9001 certificate is awarded to businesses complying with an international system of standards, and recognises that at ATTACA we have a well-thought-out management system in place, delivering increased customer satisfaction.

FSC certification means that ATTACA walls can be supplied bearing the FSC quality mark. The aim of the independent, international FSC quality certification scheme is to ensure that the raw materials used in the manufacture of timber and paper products come from responsibly managed woodland, with proper care for the people who depend on the forest. All the major environmental and development organisations endorse the FSC scheme. This makes FSC unique. So choose FSC timber and paper products, and contribute to the protection of woodland around the world!

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